Shas Paper: IDF is 'Depraved'

Sephardic hareidi party's leaflet says IDF is "depraved army with indecency and therefore does not enjoy Heaven's help."

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IDF course
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The IDF is "a depraved army with indecency and therefore does not enjoy Heaven's help," according to a leaflet published by the Shas party.

"For over a decade, the Israeli army has pushed the religious Zionist soldiers into a corner when they refused to hear women's singing," one of the regular contributors to the leaflet wrote. "Moreover, in the past decade, the IDF opened its gates to female soldiers in sensitive and central positions. The minimal boundaries of modesty have completely fallen apart in IDF camps."

"When lust and reckless abandon are in the camp of Israel, the holy Shechina spreads its wings and disappears," the article said, explaining that if the army does enjoy operational success, it is only thanks to G-d's protection. "The decadent army, despite its immorality, cannot tear down the heavenly protection that we receive thanks to Torah studiers."

The article was reported on Channel 10 television, and Shas immediately announced it would relieve the writer of his position in writing the weekly paper.

MK Haim Amsallem, who broke away from Shas to start his own movement, reacted sharply to the article. "Shas is taking the large Sephardic public that voted for it and wants to turn it non-Zionist, just like the extremists from Beit Shemesh and Meah Shearim," he warned.