257 Infiltrator Children, Families to Be Legalized

Minister of Interior accepts recommendation to give legal status to infiltrator children and family members.

Gil Ronen,

Illegal African immigrants
Illegal African immigrants
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The leftist campaign to allow infiltrators with small children to avoid expulsion from Israel bore fruit Monday, as Minister of Interior Eli Yishai agreed to grant legal status to 257 Israel-born immigrant children along with their parents and siblings.

Yishai accepted the recommendations of an inter-ministerial committee that laid down guidelines for granting legal status to illegal immigrant families that have Israel-born children, based on certain criteria. The committee was established following an August 2010 government decision to grant legal status to such families on a one-time basis.

A total of 701 requests for legal status were filed. Out of these, 65 were rejected out of hand as they did not live up to any of the criteria for receiving resident status. Another 635 were examined by a special consultative committee to the Minister of Interior. Of these, 257 have been approved, 118 were found ineligible for legal status, and another 260 are still being processed.

The Ministry of Interior said that Minister Yishai's acceptance of the recommendations means that the immigrants found eligible will receive legal status. The families found ineligible are requested to make arrangements for leaving Israel.