Report: Iranian Officer Killed in Shooting Attack

Iranian media reports that a 43-year-old Iranian military officer was killed in shooting attack in western Iran.

Elad Benari,

Iranian flag
Iranian flag
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons / public domain

Iranian media reported on Saturday that a 43-year-old Iranian military officer was killed and another soldier was wounded in a shooting incident that occurred early on Saturday morning in the western Iran city of Khorramabad.

According to the report, which was brought by Israel’s Channel 2 News on Saturday night, the incident occurred when two motorcyclists fired shots at a group of soldiers who were on their way to an air force base located near the city. The soldier who was wounded in the incident, said the report, suffered injuries to his leg and neck.

A senior official in the Lorestan province, where the city is located, confirmed the incident took place and added that Iranian officials have launched an investigation.

“We will notify regarding details about the progress of the investigation,” the official was quoted as having said.

The official said that the two bikers were able to flee the scene, adding that eyewitnesses said that “many bullets were fired at the soldiers, causing great panic in the area.”

Saturday’s incident occurred just ten days after Professor Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, an Iranian nuclear scientist, was killed in a car bombing in northern Tehran.

Iran blamed Israel for the assassination, warning that it would “bring the war to Israel and beyond” in response. On Monday, the Islamic Republic said it arrested suspects in the assassination, but did not provide information on their nationalities.