Poll: Amsallem Gets 2 Knesset Seats

Channel 10 poll shows if election were held today, maverick hareidi candidate would make it into the next Knesset.

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Gil Ronen,

MK Rabbi Amsallem
MK Rabbi Amsallem
Flash 90

A Brain Base poll for Channel 10 indicates that if elections were held today, an independent list headed by maverick hareidi politician MK Haim Amsallem would garner two Knesset seats.

The poll is touted as "the first serious attempt by a poll institute to gauge MK Amsallem's electoral power" after he left the Shas party and established his own movement, Am Shalem.

MK Rav Amsallem responded to the poll by saying that "these findings indicate a wide identification in the public with my positions, despite the false and incessant attacks on me by the hareidi parties and hareidi media. We have a long road ahead of us and I am certain in the knowledge that as we near the elections, the numbers will rise. We have internal data indicating even larger support."

MK Amsallem aroused the ire of the Shas party when he came out in favor of teaching "core subjects" like mathematics and English in hareidi schools, and called for hareidi enlistment to the IDF and greater absorption into the job market. When a hareidi publication called him "Amalek," he received a bodyguard from the Knesset.