Iran to Launch New Satellite into Space

Iran’s Defense Minister announces the Islamic Republic intends to launch a new satellite into space next month.

Elad Benari ,

Satellite launching (illustration)
Satellite launching (illustration)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Iran’s Defense Minister, General Ahmad Vahidi, announced on Monday that the Islamic Republic intends to launch another satellite into space next month, in addition to several other military projects it intends to launch during the month of February, the Israel Defense website reported.

According to the report, Vahidi said Iran intends to make operational a number of projects related to its space program during the “Ten Days of Dawn” celebration between February 1and 10. The “Ten Days of Dawn” will celebrate the 34th anniversary of the 1978 victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

For the past four years, Iran has marked its “Space Industry Day” as part of this celebration and has revealed new developments in this field.

Israel Defense noted that Iran invests quite a bit of effort in the development of satellites. Six months ago, Iran launched its Rasad-1 satellite which, according to reports, is used for transmitting images and weather forecasts.

Rasad-1 was the second satellite Iran launched, the first one being the Omid which was launched in February of 2009. Iran claimed the Omid is both a scientific research satellite and a “lightweight telecommunications satellite,” equipped with two frequency bands and eight antennae.