Migron's Million Shekel Challenge

Residents in Migron say they have NIS 1 million for anyone who can prove in court they own the land on which the community was established.

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Gabe Kahn.,


The community of Mirgon on Monday offered a million shekels to anyone who can prove they own the land on which the community was established.

Migron's secretariat says they will pay cold, hard cash to anyone who can successfully prove they own the land in court as a means of calling what they say is a bluff by Peace Now aimed at destroying their homes.

Peace Now has embarked on a campaign of challenging land ownership where Jewish communities have been built in Judea and Samaria by filing court petitions on behalf of local Arabs they say own the land.

But Migron's leaders say, in their case, Peace Now could not find the Arabs they claim the land belongs to and withdrew their petition when it was challenged. Residents say the petition was withdrawn because Peace Now has no evidence to substantiate their claim in court.

Instead, they say, Peace Now is relying on a controversial ruling by Israel's Supreme Court that declared all non-state owned lands in Judea and Samaria to be presumptively Arab Land.

Critics of the ruling, which puts numerous Jewish communities including Migron under threat of destruction, say the Supreme Court, which does not hear evidentiary matters, should have referred the case to a lower court competent to determine ownership based on normal legal means (e.g., deeds).

In refusing to do so, critics say the Supreme Court issued an ideological ruling with far reaching national consequence - under the color of law.

Despite the demolition orders hanging over their heads and attempts by Israel's government to relocate them, Migron's residents say they won't budge.

Instead they are calling Peace Now out - and offering to pay them to make their case.

"The crusaders of human rights [referring to Peace Now sarcastically, ed.] demand the deportation of law-abiding citizens and military servants and their families and their children from Migron without proof," Migron's secretariat says.

"Do you want to speak for justice? Do you have any proof of ownership of our land? Please - we have a million shekels waiting for you!"

Editor's Note: the reward is subject to terms and conditions set by Migron's secretariat.