Israeli Company Awarded for Cell Network Smarts

Israel's Saguna Networks has developed a backhaul caching solution for optimizing mobile content delivery.

TechIsrael Staff,


As more people make use of the cellphone network, bandwidth on the network gets more crowded – and transmission of almost everything gets slower. There are many creative solutions out there, but many of them are based on somehow offloading traffic from the network – a solution that, when you think about it, is really unworkable. It's unlikely that the whole industry is going to change direction tomorrow, especially since, nowadays, many cellphones are made by commodity manufacturers who are just copying existing designs – and the billions of phones already in existence are not going to disappear tomorrow, either.

In order to deal with this problem, Israel's Saguna Networks has developed a backhaul caching solution for optimizing mobile content delivery. Saguna’s Content Optimization Delivery Systems (CODS) improves mobile broadband experience without the need for mobile operators to increase backhaul capacity, while at the same time reduces traffic loads by approximately 70%. By placing popular Internet content at the LTE network edge, Saguna CODS removes repetitive content delivery costs and avoids content delivery bottlenecks on the LTE network core and backhaul during peak hours. The most popular, repeating content is already cached on servers customers can access – saving time, bandwidth and money, because the content is already on the network.

Saguna CODS is based on an array of dedicated nodes that are placed in the network. The nodes are located in the network core on one side and in the network backhaul adjacent to the Base Station elements or aggregation points on the other side. The solution is totally transparent to all network layers (transport, mobility, service) and terminal devices. It performs caching and scheduling decisions based on the type of data and the content flowing through the network, consequently adding “Content Awareness” to the network. CODs dramatically reduces content transport bandwidth requirements to handle the data traffic explosion, while improving experience and service delivery, allowing operators to offer a new OTT revenue generating services.

This week, Saguna was awarded the LTE Visionary Award from Mobility Tech Zone, the mobile broadband industry’s information source. The Mobility Tech Zone LTE Visionary Award list is an annual recognition featuring companies that are bringing to market new products and solutions enabling the delivery of 4G wireless broadband services. “A number of leading mobile operators around the world are currently trialing our Saguna CODS solutions,” says Lior Fite, CEO at Saguna Networks. “This award recognition reinforces the vision that we share with our customers for enabling cost effective mobile networks that can deliver the promise of LTE.”