Young National Union to MKs: Unite!

NU Young Leadership wants the two religious Zionist parties to join forces.

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Gil Ronen,

Ketzaleh and Hershkowitz in Binyamin
Ketzaleh and Hershkowitz in Binyamin
Israel news photo: PR

The National Union's young leadership wants the two religious Zionist parties – NU and the Jewish Home – to redouble efforts toward unification. As national elections draw nearer, the young leaders are concerned that the parties are making no headway on uniting.

On Sunday, the young leadership began a protest move in which they call upon the parties to "rise above the discord."

Natanel Ariel, spokesman for the young leadership, said, "We will not sit there without doing anything, and we will not let differences of opinion prevent public unity. The religious public wants unity and we are committed to this. And with the grace of G-d we will succeed in leading to unification of the parties.

"Religious Zionism has many clear and sharp statements on numerous matters and it is unacceptable that differences of opinion on outward shape and placement on the list will determine the face of religious Zionism. Our voice will be audible only if all of us – all of the sons of religious Zionism who believe in 'The Land of Israel for the People of Israel in accordance with the Torah of Israel' – unite in a common Knesset list."

"We will not hold minute checks of people's views," Ariel explained. "We will not accept unity that gives up on part of the public. As far as we are concerned everyone is in – from [MK Michael] Ben Ari to [MK Zevulun] Orlev."