7 Arabs Arrested for Attacks on Route 443

The Arabs, aged 20-31, threw fire bombs and rocks at civilian cars and IDF vehicles.

Gil Ronen,

Rock throwing by Arabs - mischief or terror?
Rock throwing by Arabs - mischief or terror?
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Shin Bet has allowed the publication of the fact that seven Arabs from the village of Harbata al-Masbah have been arrested for attacks on cars traveling down Route 443.

The suspects are aged 20 to 31. They have admitted under interrogation that they threw fire bombs and rocks at cars on the central highway on several occasions. They were also involved in numerous riots and violent disturbances, including fire bomb and rock attacks on IDF forces that were operating in the village.

They have been charged of a variety of offenses in the Yehuda Military Court, including carrying and possessing weapons, production and throwing a flammable object, and more.

The court decided to continue their remand until the legal process against them is complete. 

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