Bank of Israel: 15,000 Charge Cards Hacked

Saudi hackers claim that they exposed 400,000 accounts was exaggerated. Clients to get refunds.

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Gil Ronen ,

Flash 90 office, hacked in 2008.
Flash 90 office, hacked in 2008.
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Bank of Israel (BoI) stated Tuesday that the number of charge card accounts hacked by Saudi hackers is about 15,000, much less than the 400,000 originally claimed by the culprits.

"As published in the press, the details relating to clients who hold charge cards were recently exposed on the Internet, as a result of a break-in into businesses that stored this data," a statement on the BoI website said. "From a preliminary report given by the credit card companies to the Supervisor of Banks, it seems that we are talking about the details of about 15,000 active cards in all three firms together – Cal, Isracard and Leumi Card.

"The credit card companies announced that they have located the cards of the clients whose details were made public on the Net, and these cards were blocked for use in purchases through Internet websites and through the phone."

A client who suspects foul play with his charge card can ask the credit card company to check if his debt should be cancelled.

The BoI stresses that credit card companies are to compensate their clients in cases involving abuse of their card.