MK Ayoub Kara's Dilemma: To Bring, or Not to Bring the Gun?

Likud MK member Ayoub Kara was caught Monday in Knesset with a gun in his bag. "I always face the dilemma whether to leave it in the car."

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Chana Ya'ar,

Ayoub Kara
Ayoub Kara
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Monday, Monday... as the old sixties song goes, was not exactly "just like any other day" for security personnel at the Knesset building after a routine inspection turned up a handgun in the personal bag of a legislator.

Likud Knesset Member Ayoub Kara's excuse for bringing the weapon into the building, when interviewed about the matter on the Knesset Channel was blunt.

"I always face the dilemma of whether to leave the gun in the car, or to bring it into the Knesset," he said, pointing out that he has had a license for the weapon for the past 12 years.

"Considering that regulations forbid leaving a pistol in a vehicle, I brought it into the building."  It is, in fact, against the law for any Israeli citizen with a gun permit to leave their weapon in their vehicle.

Since it is clear that Kara is not the only MK to possess a weapons license. Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin ordered an investigation to be launched into the incident. Rivlin also warned security personnel to tighten their procedures as well.