RecoverGuard Keeps Disasters At Bay

Continuity Software's RecoverGuard keeps tabs on changes in a computer system that could spell disaster for disaster recovery plans.

TechIsrael Staff,


With businesses totally fully dependent on their computer systems, a disaster recovery program is essential. Systems managers put together backup systems to ensure that the don't lose data, saving files and other important data to backup computers, often off-site. But the best laid plans can go awry. To prevent disaster recovery from turning into an actual disaster, there's Continuity Software's inspection system ensuring that all the components needed for a successful restoration are in place. For that, Continuity's RecoverGuard has been named a finalist for TechTarget’s 2011 Products of the Year Award in the Infrastructure category.

Designing backups, replications, and maintenance of systems across multiple computers and servers is a complicated business; disk A connects to disk B, and is routed to connect to server at IP address xyz. The problem is that equipment, network protocols, and other components are always changing; equipment breaks down and is replaced, network configurations change, etc.; things can even change when they are “untouched by human hands,” with IP numbers resetting themselves, viruses changing backup protocols on disks, etc.

When something in the infrastructure changes, chances are the whole disaster recovery (DR) system goes bust as well. RecoverGuard consistently tests the DR system against the plan, making sure that things are working the way they are supposed to. The program constantly checks on the components of the DR system, in tandem with whatever backup protocols the system uses. And, RecoverGuard maintains a database of over 4,900 potential risks, checking the DR system's current makeup against the risks to make sure the system doesn't fall down on the job.

“What we like best about the Products of the Year (POY) competition is that it gives us a chance to see the very best that today’s IT industry has to offer. It’s a fantastic opportunity to forget all about the vendors’ names or revenue numbers, focus objectively on the products, and show our readers what those products can bring to the data center,” said Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Editor at “Selecting the best IT products this year was a difficult assignment as not only were there a bumper crop of product submissions, but we also raised the bar by revising and enhancing our judging criteria.”

“Continuity Software is sincerely honored to have been designated a finalist for TechTarget’s 2011 Products of the Year Award,” said Gil Hecht, founder and CEO pf Continuity Software. “To have been singled-out by one of the most trusted and turned-to sources for data center solutions is an enviable testament to RecoverGuard’s industry-unique ability to enable global companies to ensure disaster recovery (DR), high availability (HA) and service level agreement (SLA) compliance across their geographically distributed primary pro]]\duction and remote DR sites, as well as make private cloud disaster recovery management possible. We also applaud our esteemed fellow finalists and wish them the best of luck in the finals.”