Out With the Bad, In With the Good

Israel's Synel uses a breakthrough face recognition technology to ensure that only the "right people" have access to homes and offices.

TechIsrael Staff,

The Sy - Fac system
The Sy - Fac system
courtesy Synel

How do you keep “bad guys” out – of your home, office, or wherever? Obviously, you put up a door and limit the means of access. In most places, this entails putting in a lock, and issuing keys or entry cards to those who need to enter. In other places, the preferred solution is to place a keypad at the entrance, granting entry only to those who know the correct code. And places that are super-security conscious may even set up a more advanced solution, such as using a device that requires an individual to touch a pad that reads their biometrics – fingerprint, etc., before granting them access.

But none of these solutions are foolproof. Keys get lost, access cards get scratched, and even biometric fingerpads can malfunction (because of weather or overuse), and are subject to hacking, But an Israeli company, called Synel, has come up with what it believes to be a 99.9% surefire way to prevent unauthorized access – a system that opens doors based on its identification of the individual seeking access, by face!

Synel's SY - Face is far more than a photo identity system, though. It does a thorough scan of the person seeking to enter the door – first checking their eyes, the shape and structure of their face, and the area between the nose and the lips. It checks the information against the data already entered into the system about the individual, and grants access only if there's a perfect match. The information checked by the system ensure that no cheating can take place – and that it can even detect imposters behind a latex mask!

Besides access control, the system can be used for time and attendance purposes, providing a touch-free, hygienic alternative to fingerprint and hand readers, while eliminating “buddy punching” and the need for cards or badges. Users simply look at the device and within seconds they are identified and either clocked in for work or granted secure access.

Synel, based in Yokneam, has been in business for 17 years, and has offices around the world. The company develops solutions for time and attendance (ensuring that employees are accounted for on the job) and access control (ensuring that only the “right” people can get into protected areas). Gabi Buganim, Synel Group President and CEO says that the company's customers “come to us for high-quality software solutions that offer the most up-to-date features” - and that's certainly what they get with SY – Face!