Three Price Tag 'Organizers' Remanded

The three, arrested last week in Jerusalem were expelled from Judea and Samaria through administrative orders.

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Gil Ronen,

Protesting arrest of Torah sage
Protesting arrest of Torah sage
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Three people arrested last week in Jerusalem on suspicion of involvement in nationalist Price Tag operations were brought before the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court for remand Tuesday. The three had previously been expelled from Judea and Samaria by means of administrative orders.

The police asked for eight days' remand but Judge Yitzchak Shimoni granted remand on;y until Sunday.

In the course of their interrogations, the Shin Bet officers who questioned them did not confront them with any evidence, but just a general accusation that they were "Price Tag organizers," according to Honenu, an NGO that assists Jews suspected of carrying out nationalist crimes.

In the court, too, there was no mention of a specific incident involving the detainees, according to Honenu.

A source close to the detainees said the police and Shin Bet arrested them out of a need for scapegoats. "They ply the court with mountains of secret material," the source said, "and present bombastic suspicions regarding dozens of events, without naming a specific event that they will be able to refute."