The Illustrated Guide to Video Security

BriefCam's video security technology will now be available to hundreds of American customers, via a deal with U.S. integrator Covergint.

TechIsrael Staff,

Briefcam Chanuka
Briefcam Chanuka
Courtesy Briefcam

Neve Ilan-based BriefCam announced last week that it had entered into a partnership with Convergint Technologies, one of the top systems integrator in the U.S. Covergint provides its clients with systems to ensure electronic security, fire alarms and life safety systems, and building automation systems. By providing customers with BriefCam systems, Covergint will enable them to more efficiently access security video, making it easier for them to pinpoint important security events. Convergint is the seventh largest and fastest growing systems integrator in North America with a dedicated focus on electronic security.

We've mentioned BriefCam before; the company's technology allows users to better and more efficiently utilize security video via Video Synopsis, a novel technology that enables them to browse hours of video in minutes. The synopsis is made possible by simultaneously presenting multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times. Events are indexed to the original source video, and both synopsis and original footage can be exported for investigation with a single mouse click.

Using BriefCam, for example, a security person who notices suspicious behavior in a portion of video can search many hours of digital footage, focusing in on the individual or object in question. And each event can be labeled, allowing for a timeline of specific events.

In the humorous Chanukah greeting below, BriefCam illustrates the benefit of the system – how easy it is to focus in on the key effects from security footage, easily tracking down the culprits. As the person doing the monitoring notices something odd in the behavior of an individual, s/he can focus in on that individual, and get an index of all of his or her movements in the entire range of footage.

BriefCam Chanuka BriefCam

With Briefcam's Video Synopsis technology, security personnel have a more efficient way of watching and analyzing footage, making it more likely for them to catch problems before they occur. As Tony Varco, Convergint'sTechnology Vice President, electronic security division, put it, “up until now, video review was a time-consuming, expensive process, meaning that the majority of captured video was never reviewed or even viewed. Using BriefCam, a day of surveillance camera footage can be summarized into a video clip as short as a minute, making total video review a reality.”