Leftists Deface Avraham Avinu Spring in Hevron

'This is Palestine' spray painted on the walls around the ancient spring, named after the patriarch Abraham.

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Gil Ronen,

Spring defaced.
Spring defaced.

Leftists defaced the Avraham Avinu spring in Hevron this week. The spring is one of the most ancient in Israel and is dated to the time of the Biblical Patriarchs. 

The stenciled graffiti says "This is Palestine." A total of 10 such graffiti markings were made – five inside the well and five outside it. The IDF and the Civil Administration showed up relatively quickly after the graffiti was discovered and removed it.

Residents of Hevron say that Arabs regularly erase markings that show visitors the way to the spring and that designate a hiking trail through Biblical Hevron.

The Avraham Avinu Spring is adjacent to the Cave of Patriarchs and the Avraham Avinu neighborhood, and attracts dozens of Jews daily. It was cleaned and spruced up about a month ago, in honor of the Sabbath Torah portion named after Sarah the Matriarch.