Iran Fights Battlefield 3 with ‘Attack on Tel Aviv’

Iran takes revenge on Israel for EA’s Battlefield 3 computer game that features US soldiers in Tehran, with “Attack on Tel Aviv.” <br/>

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Scene from Battlefield 3
Scene from Battlefield 3
Israel news screenshot: Battlefield 3

Iran is taking revenge on Israel for EA’s Battlefield 3 computer game that features U.S. soldiers in Tehran, with an “Attack on Tel Aviv” game. 

Battlefield 3 has been a sensation worldwide – except in Iran, where the Ahmadinejad regime is not thrilled with the game’s setting in Tehran, where a U.S. military raid on Tehran is staged. targeting the leader of a terrorist group and searching for missing nuclear warheads.

Besides protesting the game, Iran’s National Foundation for Computer Games director Behruz Minaii told the semi-official Fars News Agency that "Attack on Tel Aviv" will feature “Iran’s reaction toward depicting an American soldier on Tehran’s streets.”

He explained that the Iranian game will target Israel and not the United States because "the United States is governed by the Zionist Regime so 'Attack on Tel Aviv' would make Americans angrier than a game about an attack on Washington."

"All computer stores are prohibited from selling this illegal game," an Iranian official said. Iran expressed its objections over the game to the officials of Epic Games, who were among the sponsors of the Dubai World Game Summit.

“However, their reaction was that it is only a game and we should take it easy, but with the game set in Tehran, it is simply not acceptable,” Minaii said.

Battlefield 3 (commonly abbreviated BF3) is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts.