Jack Teitel Ruled Fit to Stand Trial

Court rules Ya’akov (Jack) Teitel, who is accused of murdering two Arabs and setting off explosives, is fit to stand trial.

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Elad Benari,

Yaakov Teitel
Yaakov Teitel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Ya’akov (Jack) Teitel, who is accused of murdering two Palestinian Authority Arabs and bombing several political and religious opponents, is fit to stand trial, the Jerusalem District Court confirmed on Wednesday.

The judges ruled that Teitel, who was arrested in 2009, will stand trial for the two murders which took place in 1997, for setting off a bomb at the home of a Christian family in the city of Ariel, injuring one person seriously, of placing bombs at several police headquarters, and of placing a bomb in the yard of the home of radical left-wing Professor Ze’ev Sternhell.

He is charged with murder, illegal possession of weapons, causing deliberate damage with explosives and incitement to racism.

During his interrogation, Teitel admitted to the two murders of a PA Arab taxi driver in east Jerusalem on June 8, 1997 and another Arab near the southern Judea community of Carmel. “I’m not sorry, I’d do it all again,” he said.

After his arrest, the Hebrew newspaper Yediot Acharonot revealed that Teitel was asked in the past by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) to gather information for it.

The Shin Bet hoped Teitel would help them by reporting on activity among “right-wing extremists,” the report said. To that end, agents met with Teitel several times following a 2000 investigation into his activities.

Teitel’s help was sought despite the fact that he was suspected of taking part in the murder of a PA Arab in 1997.

Shin Bet officials admitted that their agents had indeed met with Teitel and asked him for information on Israeli nationalists. The meetings with Teitel failed to yield results, and the agency stopped contacting him, they said.