Britain Emerges as Muslim Terrorists’ Whipping Boy

Terrorists bombed a bus at the British embassy in Bahrain a week after Iranian students stormed the British embassy in Tehran.<br/>

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'Arab Spring' protest in Bahrain
'Arab Spring' protest in Bahrain
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Britain is emerging as Muslim terrorists’ whipping boy.

Terrorists in Bahrain bombed a minibus parked at the British embassy two days after the Sunni monarchy criticized the storming of Britain’s embassy in Tehran. The minibus in Bahrain was parked near the British embassy compound.

Rebels have been protesting in Bahrain since February, and Iran’s government-controlled media noted last week that the oil-rich kingdom has turned to Britain, as well as the United States, to train the Bahraini regime's forces to suppress the protesters. The kingdom took the step after mounting criticism of brutality, including torture, to repel opposition demonstrations.

Former British police official John Yates, who resigned following allegations of having links with the now-defunct News of the World's phone hacking scandal, has been appointed to oversee the training of the Bahraini regime's forces.

Britain also has sold arms and riot-dispersing weapons to Bahrain. Iranian media charged that recent disclosures of British aid expose the “slimy deceit” of Britain.

“The Islamic Awakening [Arab Spring] has helped in taking the lid off the British government's hypocritical nature as it played double standards regarding the pro-democratic movements in the region making empty allegations of human rights violations in some countries in the region while aiding the most dictatorial states, like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, to suppress pro-democracy protesters,” Iran’s Press TV stated.

Britain’s latest move to join the United States in imposing new sanctions on Iran was the trigger for Iran to target Britain.

Last week, Iran abruptly lowered diplomatic relations with London from the ambassadorial level to that of charge d’affaires and ordered the British ambassador out of the country.

Several days later, Iranian students, in an action orchestrated by the Islamic Republic regime, stormed the British embassy, breaking windows and throwing firebombs inside the building.

Britain responded by ordering the Iranian ambassador and the entire embassy staff out of the country.