Man Arrested for Threatening Steinitz at Sderot

"You might not be around in 2013 and we know where you live," a man allegedly told the Finance Minister at Sderot.

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Gil Ronen,

Minister Steinitz
Minister Steinitz
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Sderot police arrested a young man Tuesday morning after he allegedly threatened Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, who is in the southern town for the Sderot Conference. "It is not certain that you will be around in 2013,and we know where you live," he said.

The suspect is being questioned at the Sderot police station. Mainstream media, which turns anonymous threats against leftists into screaming headlines, is barely reporting the incident.

Steintz's lecture at the Sapir College, where the Sderot Conference is being held, was interrupted several times by students who shouted at him.

The hecklers shouted "the Negev demands social justice!" and "You are not uniting society, you are dividing it!" They received loud applause. They also shouted slogans against the employment of contract workers.

Steinitz, who struggled unsuccessfully to complete his lecture, spoke of the vital need to prevent mass unemployment, "which enlarges gaps and humiliates not only the people themselves but their families."

"Unemployment hurts the periphery first," he said. "Unemployment hurts the weak first, not just in Israel but also in Spain and England. The citizens of Britain are suffering, the citizens of Spain are suffering, because the world's largest economies are faltering." 

Leftists organized mass demonstrations against the government's economic policy all summer long, demanding a more socialistic economy. As a result of the protests, some experts claim, investments in Israel have slowed down and the economy may be headed toward a recession.