Mark Kaplan is Back on Arutz Sheva; What is Upsetting Him Today?

Veteran Arutz Sheva TV Anchor Mark Kaplan is back with his Israelity! video blog, with a pinch of sarcasm and straight from the heart."

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Mark Kaplan
Mark Kaplan
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Veteran Arutz Sheva TV Anchor/producer Mark Kaplan is back on Arutz Sheva with his Israelity!  

Kaplan rolls up his sleeves and delivers his twice- weekly pointed television commentary "in the only way he knows—candidly, with a pinch of sarcasm, and straight from the heart."

Mark’s commentaries tackles issues that upset – and sometimes excite –  him about life in Israel, such as government incompetence, foreign policy, foreign governments, the United Nations, and Israel’s legal system.

Mark joined the Arutz Sheva Television news team in 2002 as a news writer, editor, producer, anchor and reporter with 16 years prior television and radio experience. He is currently the Director of the Office for Israeli Constitutional Law, a legal action organization fighting for enforcement of existing Jewish legal rights under International Law to all the Land of Israel.

“Once you’re in the business of television production and news,” explains Mark, “it gets in your blood. It’s like an addiction. The only difference is that I can quit television at any time…and I have on many occasions!”

On his current television news relapse, Mark calls the 1947 UN Partition Plan a violation of International Law, and labels it a day of great tragedy for the Jewish Nation.

View Israelity! with Mark Kaplan.