'Peace Now' Activists Report E-mail Threats

Radical leftists make connection between alleged threats and laws meant to curb leftist subversion.

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Gil Ronen,

Peace Now posters at a rally
Peace Now posters at a rally
Flash 90

A number of activists in the radical left-wing movement "Peace Now" said Sunday that they received e-mail threats upon their lives.

According to posts by the activists on the Peace Now Facebook page, the threats were all similarly formulated. They began with the activist's name followed by "of blessed memory" and then said, "I will kill you and whoever is connected to you."

Peace Now was quick to announce that the alleged threats are the government's fault. "When the government wages a campaign of persecution and legislation against leftist movements and organizations, some people hear the voices and understand that they should act against 'the enemies from within,' as some Knesset Members are trying to present the Left."

Recently, unknown people spray painted the words "price tag" and "Rabin is waiting for you" on the walls of the stairwell in the building where Peace Now activist Hagit Ofran resides. Ofran heads the team that reports on settlement activity in Judea and Samaria.

"Price tag" is a reference to vandalism allegedly carried out by nationalists in Judea and Samaria in retaliation for Arab terror and what some nationalists see as a policy of appeasing the enemy adopted by the IDF.

Two days earlier, similar slogans were spray painted on the Peace Now office in Jerusalem's German Colony. The neighbors reported receiving threats through the intercom that said "This is a price tag operation. The building will explode in ten minutes."

A resident of Jerusalem was recently charged with threatening Peace Now director Yariv Oppenheimer, and spray painting the words "price tag" in the Jerusalem area.