Hevron: Relatives of Released Murderer 'Attacked Jewish Girl'

Hevron Jews in confrontation with relatives of Hani Jaber, who murdered a young Jewish man and was released in Shalit deal.

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Gil Ronen,

Jewish girl in Hevron (illustration)
Jewish girl in Hevron (illustration)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Arabs who work in the Hevron store owned by the family of Hani Jaber, a terrorist murderer released in the Shalit deal, attacked a young Jewish woman Saturday. In response, Jews threw rocks at the store and at Arabs.

Jaber was one of three Arabs who ambushed a Jewish yeshiva student aged 22, Erez Shmuel, in 1993. They attacked him with knives in a Hevron alleyway that is now known as Simtat Erez in his memory.

Nationalists in Hevron told Arutz Sheva that Jews gathered near the store during the Sabbath after the girl was attacked. At a certain point, they said, the storekeepers decided to close shop of their own volition.

Since the Shalit deal, posters have been put up on walls throughout Hevron saying: "'When someone who comes to kill you – kill him first.' You could be the next murder victim! Do not remain silent! The cur lives next to Simtat Erez… If you do not kill him, he will kill you! First one wins the prize!"

Leftist newspaper Ha'aretz, partly owned by a German publisher, published a sympathetic piece about Jaber Friday. Penned by ultra-radical Gideon Levy, it says Jaber "lives in fear, is living in a Hevron hideaway that belongs to his relatives, does not dare go out into the streets, and is a hunted man." It also says that Jaber is apparently "living on borrowed time."