Shabbat Forecast: Thunderstorms and Floods

The rain and cold that has marked Israel's weather trends this week is expected to intensify over the weekend - bundle up for Shabbat.

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Gabe Kahn.,

Rainy Days
Rainy Days
Flash 90

The low temperatures and rains that have marked the weather in central and northern Israel this week are expected to intensify over the weekend.

The rains are also expected to spread into Israel's southern Negev region. Authorities warn rain in the Negev brings the possibility of flash floods in the Jordan Valley and Judean Desert. Drivers on roads near cliffs and in wadis this weekend are urged to exercise extra vigilance.

On Shabbat, the rainfall in central and northern Israel is expected to generate thunderstorms and high winds. Israeli Electric Company officials have urged residents to ensure solar panels, water tanks, and antennas on roofs are properly secured.

The weekend forecast also includes the first snow on Mount Hermon. Temperatures are expected to be unreasonably cold – and to remain so into early next week.

Monday is expected to be partly cloudy with intermittent rains, but may see the beginning of a trend towards slightly higher temperatures.