Infiltration 'will Turn Israel 30% Muslim'

Members of Yisrael Sheli and residents of southern Tel Aviv will demonstrate Tuesday, demand action.

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Illegal African immigrants
Illegal African immigrants
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Members of the Yisrael Sheli grassroots-Zionist movement, together with Likud activists and residents of southern Tel Aviv, plan a demonstration Tuesday opposite Likud headquarters in Tel Aviv, to demand immediate action to stem the flow of infiltration through the southern border.

The rate of infiltration has gone up in the past few months, to about 4,000 people per month.

Ayelet Shaked of Yisrael Sheli said that "during the Netanyahu years, the number of infiltrators in Israel has risen from about 8,000 to 45,000, and some say their number is much greater and stands at about 100,000."

"This immigration has far-reaching social, economic, cultural and demographic implications. Most of the immigrants are Muslims, and the percentage of Muslims in the country will reach 30% in a few years. This population turns the neighborhoods of southern Tel Aviv into African slums, and badly hurt the local population. This phenomenon is morally wrong and the state allows it to thrive."

Yisrael Sheli suggests solutions that include the construction of a holding installation for infiltrators, completion of the fence on the Egyptian border, enforcement of the law that prohibits employing infiltrators, flying the infiltrators back to their homelands and passage of the Infiltration Act.