Bus Segregation Claims 'Media Spin'

Activist David Ha'ivri of the Shomron Liaison Office says staged "freedom rider" and "anti-apartheid" protests are media spin

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Bus Protest
Bus Protest
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David Ha’ivri of the Shomron Liaison Office told Arutz Sheva that Tuesday's incident in which six Arabs were removed from a Jerusalem-bound bus at the Hizma checkpoint is pure "media spin" catering to the propaganda of "hypocrites."

"It is a media spin, based strongly on the fact that people outside of our region have no facts and are relying on the Palestinian propaganda machine," HaIvri said. "They say it is so, so it must be so."

"The truth is that public transportation in Israel, Judea and Samaria included are not segregated based on ethnicity or religion. Public buses and train lines in Jerusalem ride through both Arab and Jewish neighborhoods and pick up people with no regard to their ethnic background or affiliations. Hundreds of Arab students go to school every day at the Ariel university center in Ariel. Many of them travel of public buses from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv areas along with the Jewish students.

"The restrictions that do exist, and which are being misrepresented by propagandists, are issues of security pertaining to non-Israelis who wish to cross from Judea and Samaria - under military rule - into other Israeli areas. Those security regulations have nothing to do with public transportation per say and hold for any type of transportation. Non Israeli citizens would need permit for passage at security check points in their own cars or even on foot.

"What is more ironic or hypocritical is that the mobilization for these so-called 'Freedom riders' and 'anti-apartheid' comes out of Ramallah, a city that has been under full Palestinian Authority control for the past 17 year and remains closed to Jews. Bus lines to and from Ramallah are Arab only and do not offer transportation for Jewish residents of the area.     

"So while they are transmitting misleading information to give the impression that public transportation run by Israeli companies are segregating and deny service to non Jews or Arabs, their own Arab bus companies are doing exactly that in reverse and not providing service to Jewish people.

"Roads closed to Jewish people and the segregated buses for non Jews only exist in the Palestinian Authority."