IDF 'Visits' Homes of 7 Terrorists Freed in Shalit Deal

Arab news agency says IDF "raided" homes of freed terrorists and issued them summonses.

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Gil Ronen,

IDF soldiers, vehicle
IDF soldiers, vehicle
Israel news photo: Flash 90


IDF forces paid visits Sunday to the homes of seven of the terrorists who were freed in the Shalit deal, according to a report in the Palestinian Authority (PA) based Ma'an news agency.
Ma'an calls the visits "raids" and says that the seven received summonses to report to the Shin Bet intelligence service. 
Military vehicles entered Qalqiliya in Samaria overnight Sunday and issued summonses to Akram Mansour, Shadi Zayid and Ibrahim Yasin to report to Israeli intelligence, said Ma'an. Soldiers also raided the homes of cousins Nael and Fakhri Barghouthi in the village of Kubar near Ramallah. The cousins were also issued summons to report to the Shin Bet.
The Jenin home of former detainee Adnan Zeid al-Kilani also received an IDF visit, as did the Ramallah home of Sumud Karaja, 23, and the home of Latuifa Abu Thiraa. Karaja and Thiraa were among 27 female detainees released under the terms of the prisoner exchange deal.
The terms of the Shalit deal include an obligation by some of the released terrorists to report regularly to the Shin Bet (ISA).