Binyamin Resident Carjacked after Hoping to Avoid Jam

Racheli Yarden, a mother of 5, went to work very early to avoid traffic. Arabs took her car by force.

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Road 60 near Eli (illustrative)
Road 60 near Eli (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Shimon Cohen


Racheli Yarden, 35, a mother of five, left home at 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning, for her work in the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem. She regularly drives to work at that hour in order to avoid the chronic traffic jam at the Hizme checkpoint. She encountered Arab carjackers instead.

"A little bit past the village of Sinjil an Arab car that was driving in front of me began to slow down until it reached a complete stop and forced me to stop behind it," she told Arutz Sheva.

"Within seconds, a man who sat next to the driver came out, opened my car door and began pulling me out while cursing and shouting in Arabic. I struggled with him and managed to take my cellphone. He threw me out very quickly and immediately the vehicle in front of us disappeared along with my vehicle and everything that was inside it."

"I found myself alone in a dangerous place where there usually is no cellphone reception either. Miraculously I succeeded in calling my husband and the police. My husband came quickly. The police only came when we were already back home."

Carjackings by Arabs have become commonplace in Judea and Samaria in recent years. The victims are often women