Gilad Shalit has Surgery for Kidnapping Wounds

More than five years after his kidnapping, Gilad Shalit’s injuries from attack outside Gaza are finally treated.

Maayana Miskin,

Gilad Shalit
Gilad Shalit
Israel news photo: IDF Spokesperson

Gilad Shalit underwent surgery Friday to remove shrapnel from wounds suffered in the 2006 attack in which he was kidnapped by Hamas.

Doctors in Haifa’s Rambam hospital conducted the surgery, which was declared successful. 

Two soldiers were killed in the attack in which Shalit was taken hostage, and three others were wounded. Shalit suffered injuries to his arm that were not properly treated during his time in captivity.

He is expected to be released from the hospital by Saturday.

Military sources say they hope to debrief Shalit regarding his time as a captive of Hamas in the near future. They are currently waiting for medical and psychological personnel to give the go-ahead.

Sources have expressed doubt that Shalit was exposed to information that would prove useful to IDF intelligence.

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