Border Police Verbally Abuse Suspect's Mother

Police tell suspect's mother 'get lost, stupid woman' during a search of his home after a judge released him citing lack of evidence.

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Gabe Kahn.,

Border Police
Border Police

Border Police who arrived to search the home of Moshe Pomberg in Jerusalem told his mother to “Get lost, stupid woman.” 

The mother, Shulamit Pomberg, told Arutz Sheva that the officers’ verbal abuse took her by surprise.

“It’s hard for me to understand how this happens in the Promised Land they told us about in Holland, how they treat us so badly," she said.

The sudden search took place shortly after Pomberg was released following his arrest as a suspect in so-called 'price tag' operations, she said.

When police brought Pomberg before a judge requesting his remand be extended, the judge told them there was insufficient evidence to hold him, let alone charge him with a crime.

“They’re looking for those who did the ‘price tag’ operations, so they kidnapped my son… Apparently there’s something in our righteous children that frightens them."

"Our children who represent authentic Judaism and walk around with their peyot and kippot seem to shake certain people’s confidence,” she added.

Legal experts note repeatedly searching a suspect’s home without providing additional cause for doing so at each step of an investigation constitutes police harassment in most of the free world.

Three of four suspects police who have been arrested in connection with the alleged Tuba Zangariya mosque arson have been released when police requested remand – all due to a lack of evidence.