Check Out the New Israel National Radio!

Israel National Radio has a new schedule and a new lineup of shows - one that will make it your ultimate source for everything Israel!

David Lev,

Arutz Sheva studio in Beit El
Arutz Sheva studio in Beit El
Israel news photo

If you've missed hearing talk-radio and being able to call in and comment on the day's events in Israel, now you can do it, and in English. 

It's everyone's favorite website for news from Israel, but Israel National News/Arutz 7 has a long tradition on the airwaves, broadcasting first on the radio in Israel, and now worldwide on the internet.

And if you haven't had the chance to listen to Israel National Radio until now, you couldn't have picked a better time to start: Beginning today, November 1, Israel National Radio has a revamped program lineup and schedule – with something sure to please everyone!

While most of your old favorite shows will still be around, we have a new lineup of programs that will give you a much greater insight into what is going on in Israel than you ever had before.

The centerpiece of the new schedule is surely the Israel National News daily News, Views, & Call-In, which will feature the latest news and bulletins, in-depth stories about Israel, and call-in segments, where listeners around the world will be able to make themselves heard on Israel-related issues. Listeners in the U.S., Canada and Israel will have a toll-free number to call [1-800-270-4288], and listeners elsewhere will be able to IM us and get a callback – so you can give your opinion on our dime! 

Hosted on alternating days by Tamar Yonah and veteran journalist Gil Ronen, the News, Views, & Call-In will feature all sorts of interesting components – like in-depth analysis of what is really going on in the Arab world, by Arabs themselves, who monitor the Arab media and will report on what they are really saying - in Arabic, where it counts - as opposed to the version they put out for the English speaking public.

And we'll even have an unconventional look at the day's news from Israel – with top-flight Israeli English-speaking comedians doing a Jay Leno-style standup routine, riffing on today's headlines! 

Among other highlights of the new schedule will be the Jewish Home and Family Show, where listeners can email in for advice on marriage issues, raising kids, and life in general. There will also be a program called, Ask the Rabbi, where Jews as well as Gentiles can ask the rabbi about Judaism, religious law, mysticism, Jewish belief, relationship/family issues, and more. Another show called, Tshuva, featuring the dynamic Israeli-born Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi, will discuss religious issues like repentance (doing teshuva), with great stories and anecdotes guaranteed to etch themselves in your memory. He presents fascinating facts, through scientific proof, that the Torah is true and could only be written by G-d.  

The new broadcast schedule is worth changing your daily listening habits for. The LIVE call in shows will run Sunday through Thursday beginning at 2:00 p.m. Eastern (9:00 p.m. Israel time.)

So, if you've never clicked on the “Listen Live” button on the Israel National News or radio page, here's your chance to get in on the ground floor of what promises to be the most comprehensive and interesting English language news coverage about Israel. You already know that INN has the most accurate web news site – and we promise that you will find Israel National Radio the most informative and entertaining Israel radio experience around!