Gasoline Price Going Down by 7 Agorot

Unleaded 95 octane gas to cost 7.22 shekels per liter – a reduction of 0.96%.

Gil Ronen,

Pumping gasoline
Pumping gasoline
Israel news photo: Flash 90


The price of gasoline will go down Monday at midnight, the Ministry of Infrastructures has announced.  

The price of 95 octane unleaded gas at a self-service pump will be 7.22 shekels per liter, including VAT.  This is a 7 agorot drop from the previous month – a difference of 0.96%. 

The commission for gas station employees at pumps that are not for self-service will remain at 21 agorot per liter.

In Eilat, unleaded 95 octane gas at a self-service pump will cost 6.21 shekels per liter (without VAT), also 7 agorot less than last month. Eilat is a free trade zone and exempt from VAT.

The price of fuel is dipping despite a rise in prices in dollar terms, due to the weakening of the dollar vis-à-vis the shekel in the last days of October.