Free-Market Capitalists Win Support at 'Social Justice' Rally

Movement to decrease government’s role in the market wins converts at social justice rally.

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Maayana Miskin,

Tel Aviv protest 23/7/11
Tel Aviv protest 23/7/11
Flash 90

The fledgling Israeli Freedom Movement picked what many might see as an odd location to set up shop this week. The group, which supports capitalism and less government involvement in the economy, made its presence known at a social justice rally in Tel Aviv where protesters called on the government to reduce the cost of living.

While the rally may have seemed an unlikely place to find support, many protesters not only stopped to listen to the Freedom Movement's arguments but ultimately came to agree, spokesman Boaz Arad told Arutz Sheva. “Many came to understand that they were lacking knowledge… We explained to them that, if they think about it, they will realize that somebody has to pay for the free education they want.”

Social justice protesters have demanded, among other things, that the government sponsor childcare and education from age three months through university.

“We tried to explain to them that the myth of a free lunch is baseless – the myth according to which the government has a secret supply of money. Therefore, their demands mean either printing more money, which would send us into a downward spiral, or raising taxes, which would hurt the country,” Arad said.

Not all the protesters were pleased with the Freedom Movement’s presence, Arad noted. However, he said, even when demonstrators were unwilling to listen, “it is satisfying to speak the truth while others are screaming nonsense.”