Moshe Zar: Leftists Have No Future

Israel’s extreme Left has no future, veteran land of Israel activist says. “We fight for our future, and they fight us.”

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Jewish children in Samaria
Jewish children in Samaria
Samaria local authority

The far Left in Israel has no future, veteran land of Israel activist Moshe Zar said this week in an interview with Arutz Sheva. “You see all these leftists who come with the Palestinians to harvest olives. We are fighting for our future for the sake of the next generation, and they are fighting us.”

“They aren’t really worried about our future, they aren’t worried about the next generation. Look at all these leftists, what next generation do they have?” he continued. Leftist leaders like Yariv Oppenheimer and Hagit Ofran of Peace Now are largely unmarried and childless, he said.

Those who have no personal future generation should avoid speaking in the name of the next generation, said Zar. “How many of them are married, how many have children… They have no right - not national, not moral or ethical – to talk about the future. They should be quiet.”

Zar named the “hilltop youth” as the future of those who seek to settle the land of Israel. Their creation of new outposts follows the pattern that led to the creation of recognized Judea and Samaria towns and cities that are now home to hundreds of thousands, he said.

“It’s very hard work. They go to communities with no roads, no schools, no clinics, and build small villages that will one day become towns. That is how Havat Gilad was built, from one family joined by a few youth, a town was created. That is how 54 other towns were built,” he related.

Zar had a message for the hilltop residents: avoid “price tag” operations, in which Arab or military property is vandalized in response to attacks on Jews. “Keep building, don’t do ‘price tag,’” he advised them.

“Believe me, I am not a moderate,” he continued. “But I know there’s no value in giving a few cars flat tires. It just gives you a bad name and makes you look violent.”