Syrian Army Deserters Turn Guns on Army; 9 Killed

Syrian army deserters turned their weapons on loyalists and killed nine soldiers as threats of civil war grow across from Israel’s border.<br/>

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Syrian protesters flee government attacks
Syrian protesters flee government attacks
Israel news photo: YouTube screenshot

Syrian army deserters turned their weapons, including RPGs, on loyalists and killed nine soldiers as threats of civil war grow across from Israel’s border.

"Armed men, suspected deserters, attacked a security forces convoy in northwest Syria, killing seven agents, including an officer," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Forty buses, 4 x 4 vehicles and others were attacked.

The rights group added, "Ambulances rushed to the scene of the attack which was completely sealed off.”

Other clashes reported in two towns, one of them the anti-Assad regime city of Homs, where Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces gunned down at least three people.

Syrian forces continue their daily rampage aganst civilians.

The United Nations estimates that at least 3,000 people, most of them civilian demonstrators, have been murdered by Assad’s army and secret police since the uprising broke out half a year ago.

Syrians forces also have increasingly crossed into Lebanese territory, where approximately 5,000 civilians and soldiers have fled.

"Over the course of the last few weeks, it appears Syrian forces have entered Lebanese territory," a State Department spokesman told reporters. "We are also deeply concerned by indications that Syrian dissidents may have been captured and possibly killed during operations near the border."

The mayor of one village on the border of eastern Lebanon told AFP that residents “live with the constant worry that violence will erupt at any moment, especially if gunmen from across the border escape into Lebanon.

"We have asked the Lebanese army to strengthen its presence in the area and set up posts at the border in order to prevent infiltration and make sure such incidents do not re-occur."

However, Lebanon is dominated by the Hizbullah terrorist organization and by pro-Syrian parties, and pro-Syria Hizbullah terrorists have gradually merged into the Lebanese army.