Police, Residents Clash at Oz Zion

Security forces arrived to destroy the nascent community of Oz Zion - two girls hurt in subsequent clashes.

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Gabe Kahn.,

Oz Zion Resident
Oz Zion Resident
Arutz Sheva

Police and military forces arrived in force at the nascent community of Oz Zion with stop work orders and moved to dismantle structures being erected there.

Two teenage girls had to be treated for tear gas inhalation sustained during clashes that erupted between security forces and young people working to establish the new community.

At presently, security forces remain in Or Zion, but no structures in the community have been destroyed. Residents are concerned, during the night, bulldozers will be moved in to demolish their work and dreams.

The new community of Oz Zion, presently termed an 'outpost,' broke ground during the intermediate days of the Sukkot holiday, on a hill near the communities of Givat Assaf and Beit El.

It was founded as a part of the struggle against discriminatory government policies targeting communities in Judea and Samaria that disallow necessary building, even for the purposes of natural growth.