Arabs Who Ambushed Jews on Yom Kippur -- Caught

Jerusalem Police detectives nab Arabs who hurled rocks at Jewish worshipers on holy day.

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Gil Ronen ,

Arabs throw rocks in Qalandiya
Arabs throw rocks in Qalandiya
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Jerusalem Police detectives arrested over the last 24 hours a group of Arabs who hurled rocks at Jews in Beit Hanina on Yom Kippur.

Aryeh Orange, a resident of Pisgat Ze'ev, told Arutz Sheva Tuesday morning that the Jews were headed for a special minyan – prayer quorum – that they conduct annually on Yom Kippur at Beit HaShiva in the predominantly Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina. The participants make their way on foot from Pisgat Ze'ev to Beit Hanina.

Orange said that on this Yom Kippur, the worshipers were surprised by several Arab ambushes in the course of the holy day. One of the Jews was lightly wounded.

When the holiday ended, the group filed a complaint with the police, which promised to place ambushes in the area and catch the perpetrators. On Monday rocks were thrown at another Jew, and police caught the attackers.

Arabs also threw rocks at an Egged bus in eastern Jerusalem and at the "light rail" train. No one was hurt.

Two months ago, the security officer for Ateret Kohanim Yeshiva, Meir Tal, told Arutz Sheva that the police's Jerusalem District has been making an effort recently to improve security for the city's residents and that the efforts are beginning to yield fruit. "There is very widespread activity against attackers of Jews in eastern Jerusalem," he said. "Every evening, suspects in attacks are arrested. There is a meaningful decline in [security] events."