Jewish Rock Group Releases David & Goliath Video

"We wanted the outdoor footage so badly that we went out in the middle of the storm and waited by the field until the eye of the tornado."

Ben Bresky,


The band JudaBlue has released a new song and video entitled "Falling", based on the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Band member Yaniv Hoffman spoke to Israel National News about the video, and what it's like to be an up-and-coming musical act.

Question: Tell us about the David and Goliath song. Is that you in the video?

Hoffman: The song "Falling" is an artistic depiction of the story of David and Goliath. We try to fit in our understanding of the story, with traditional and mystical interpretations, and have as many layers of understanding of the song as possible. But at the same time, we try to keep it very digestible and have the focus be on the concept of the underdog or of overcoming challenges. That's us playing the music in the video, but we hired "parkour" or "free runners" to act out the story and do the stunts.

Question: How did the band members meet?

Hoffman: I am the guitarist and manager. I met Shlomo Gaisin the singer when we were in seventh grade in school together. He played saxophone and I played guitar. We started playing on the street in downtown Maryland together. After a few months we started putting a band together, practicing, playing shows, and gathering a fanbase of mostly our friends. As the years of high school went by, we started taking it more seriously and gaining more fans.

Question: Are there any memorable incidents from the filming of the video?

Hoffman: We filmed it over the summer in Maryland. We only had one day to do the whole music video because we were all going off to study in different cities and wouldn't have another chance to make a video for a while. But on the scheduled day, there was a tornado warning and the video was supposed to be set outside. We woke up an hour before sunrise, went out to a field and started setting up. Then it began to rain. It rained all day long, so we filmed half of our video in my living room. We tore up the whole place, covered in in newspaper and spray painted it. Then then the power went out. But we wanted the outdoor footage so badly that we went out in the middle of the storm and waited by the field until the eye of the tornado. The very second that the rain stopped we ran out and shot the footage in a wet field just in time before it started pouring again. Thank G-d, we were very grateful for that day.

Question: What is it like at your concert? Is there a difference between your Jewish and non-Jewish audiences? 

Hoffman: We like to have a lot of fun at our concerts and make it an experience for our audience. We try to have as much energy as possible. We play around the East Coast of the United States mainly, and we've played in Israel a few times, with Moshav Band. We won a couple Battle of the Bands competitions in Israel. We aim to make our music accessible to both Jewish and non-Jewish fans. Now specifically our music has less Hebrew, but still incorporates Jewish stories and concepts so that all kinds of people can appreciate our music. We also hope that Jewish listeners that aren't as connected to their Judaism in a strong way might see something very real in our music and want to become more connected.

Question: What does your rabbi say about all this?

Hoffman: Our respective rabbis actually help us write our songs. When we want to better understand a story or Jewish concept, we talk to our rabbis to get a better understanding of it so that we can write more truthfully about it.

Question: The video for "Falling" currently has over 23,000 hits on YouTube. Where do you go from here? What is the future for JudaBlue?

Hoffman: This is just the very beginning. You'll be seeing a lot from us in the future. We love making music, so hopefully we'll be guided in the right direction and provide a whole new kind of music for the Jewish world.

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