IDF: 15,000 Water Bags for Fasting Soldiers

Special water bags contain 40 ml. of water, to be made available for soldiers on operational duty who feel faint

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Gil Ronen,

Religious soldier at rest.
Religious soldier at rest.
Israel news photo: Flash 90

In preparation for the Yom Kippur fast, the IDF has cooperated with the "Sa'ad Umarpeh" organization and distributed 15,000 small bags with water that religious soldiers on operational duty may drink if they feel ill during the fast.

The amount of water in the bags, about 40 ml., is precisely the amount that Jewish Law allows an average-sized person to drink during Yom Kippur, if he feels that he cannot do without it. This amount is known as "mayim leshiurim." However, the water is only intended for soldiers who carry out operational duty on the fast day.

Some of the bags contain sugared water, so that the soldier's blood sugar level can also be raised.

Lt. Col. Rav Haggai Velusky, Head of Halakha Branch in the Chief Military Rabbinate, said that the bags have been delivered to four locations countrywide and that the head military rabbis in each IDF command are responsible for distributing them.

The bags can also be frozen, thus giving the drinker some respite from heat.