Christie Prefers Garden State
Chris Christie Bars Presidential Bid, Committed to New Jersey

Chris Christie disappointing many Republicans and will not be a candidate. He has unfinished business in New Jersey.

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Aryeh ben Hayim,

Chris Christie
Chris Christie
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In a news conference, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ended the speculation about a possible presidential run by declaring that he is not a candidate.

Christie's announcement will undoubtedly disappoint the many Republican activists looking for a candidate who could combine acceptability to middle-of-the-road voters while providing enthusiasm for the Republican base.

Mitt Romney was considered a candidate who possesses the first quality but not the second. Rick Perry stirred the Republican base but was considered  an albatross by the Republican establishment in appealing to independent voters and potential Democratic crossovers.

Republican elder statepersons such as Barbara Bush, Henry Kissinger and Nancy Reagan had all encouraged Christie to run.

Christie has now announced that New Jersey is stuck with him, like it or not, because there is still too much unfinished business in the state that he loves.

He said that he will not regret foregoing a presidential run given his satisfaction with his job. He would not feel right about reneging on his commitment to the New Jersey voters.

Christie scoffed at the explanations that fundraising, organizational and family considerations dissuaded him. He said he had total family backing had he chosen to run and he was confident in his team's ability.

He expressed his hope that Obama would be a one term president. In his view, leadership is something that cannot be taught and Obama has failed the litmus test as a president who cannot lead or decide.

At this stage Christie said he was not in a position to endorse any of the other candidates.