TV Reports on Palmer Murder -- 20 Minutes into Newscast

Israel two major commercial TV newscasts did not think the terror murder and cover-up were very big news.

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Gil Ronen,

Channel 2's main anchor, Yonit Levy
Channel 2's main anchor, Yonit Levy

Israel's two major commercial TV newscasts, on Channels 2 and 10, reported on the Palmer murders and apparent cover-up late in their evening newscasts Sunday.

According to grassroots Zionist group My Israel's Ayalet Shaked, Channel 2 News reported the news at the 20 minute mark of its evening newscast. Channel 10 waited until the 17 minute mark to tell its viewers that Asher Palmer and his baby son Yehonatan were victims of a murder and not of an accident, as they had reported Friday.

Only Channel 1, which is government-run, opened its newscast with the story. 

"This event should cause warning lights to go off on several levels," Shaked wrote Monday in an article she wrote on Channel 2's website and linked on My Israel's Facebook page.

"First, the handling of the matter by police, who were quick to announce that the event was an accident. If you want to cool matters down on the ground, that is clear and even understandable, but you could have said the truth and told us that there is a suspicion of a terror act. Secondly, the media's tendency to ignore the event after the truth came out. How does a terror attack and the murder of a baby turn into a negligible news item?" 

Shaked urged My Israel's 60,000 subscribers to express their anger at Channel 2 and 10 news's decision to downplay the murder and coverup and provided links for that purpose to their respective Facebook pages.