Hershkovitz: Quartet's Idea 'Really Funny'

Jewish Home boss thinks Quartet is just talking, says dire warnings about September have not materialized.

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Gil Ronen,

Minister Hershkovitz
Minister Hershkovitz
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The head of the Jewish Home faction, Minister Daniel Hershkovitz, said Sunday that the idea raised by the Middle East Quartet for speedy negotiations with the Palestinian Authority (PA) is "really funny" because there is no PA partner for peace.

The Quartet – the United States, United Nations, Russia and the European Union – suggested a timetable for talks that would begin within one month and set the end of 2012 as a new deadline for an agreement between Israel and the PA.

Hershkovitz said that he would make the negotiations period even shorter if it were possible to negotiate with the PA, but that in any case these were "meaningless statements that are uttered without there being anything behind them."

The PA was quick to reject the idea, while Israel's foreign minister voiced cautious support.

Hershkovitz also noted that dire warnings regarding the PA's plans to declare statehood have not materialized thus far. He warned against "a national hobby of scaring ourselves."