New Way to Murder Jews: Drive-By Rock Attack

Murdering a Jew has never been easier: just throw a rock as his car approaches in the oncoming lane. System was apparently used Friday.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 9/25/2011, 7:19 PM

Murdering a Jew has never been easier: just drive on one of the roads used by both Arabs and Jews, and flip a rock at his windshield as his car approaches in the oncoming lane. The rock will smash into his car with the combined velocity of both of your cars. You can just keep driving after that, if you wish, and make an easy getaway.

No need to even break into a sweat.

This system was apparently used to murder Asher Palmer and his baby son, Yehonatan, on Friday.  

Rachamim, an area resident, says the technique is not even particularly new. 

"The exact same thing happened to me two weeks ago," he told HebronVideo. "I was driving down the hill, I also got hit by a rock, I complained to the police of course. The police sent me to Property Tax, which replaced my windshield."

"I was telling this to the policeman last night and he said that he, too, had a rock thrown at his car in the exact same place.  In the same general location, he also got hit by a rock."

"I am not just talking about rocks being thrown from the side of the road, it is also from cars that pass by yours. This is a very old system the Arabs have. They take rocks in the car with them, they drive and when they see a Jewish car, they release the rock and when you add 100 kph [about 60 mph – ed.] to 100 kph, it goes in faster than a bullet from a gun even. It enters the vehicle and you have no chance of coming out alive."