Book Review: "Itamar Makes Friends"

"Itamar Makes Friends, a children's story of Jewish Brotherhood', shows the challenges Yesha's children face and how they are met wisely.

Eve Harow, Israel Nat'l Radio,

J. H.

"Itamar Makes Friends, a children's story of Jewish Brotherhood', incorporates many of the values and interests of its author, Josh Hasten, a PR consultant, Arutz Sheva English oped writer and radio show host for Israel National Radio.  

In addition to Arab terror, baseless hatred between Jews is untenable to the author, and he tells the story through the eyes of a little boy from Yesha (Judea and Samaria), a literary device that reflects Hasten's daily life concerns as a father and resident of Gush Etzion in Judea.  

Itamar, from a Jewish village in Yesha, is at first ostracized by "city" boys because of where he lives. After a rocky start, they realize that their commonalities far outweigh their differences, visit each others' homes and friendships develop.  

Their love of soccer becomes a literal common playing field, a natural and believable book background for Hasten, who also finds time to announce the Jerusalem Flag Football games and clearly advocates sports as a healthy way to meet and get to know the "other." 

The delightful illustrations by S. Kim Glassman compliment the text nicely.

A timely and timeless message of Jewish Brotherhood, and a commendable first book for Hasten.

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(Note: Itamar is a popular Israeli boy's name as well as being the name of the Yesha town where the brutal massacre of the Fogel family took place several months ago.)

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