Tel Aviv Nightclub Terrorist Charged

Muhammad Sufan of Kalkilya used a stolen car and a knife to injure eight people three weeks ago.

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Gil Ronen,

Scene of terror attack, 29.8.11
Scene of terror attack, 29.8.11
Flash 90

The terrorist who used a stolen car and a knife to injure eight people three weeks ago was charged with attempted murder, grievous assault and additional offenses in the Tel Aviv District Court Monday morning. 

Muhammad Sufan, 21 of Kalkilya, rammed a taxicab into security men near the popular HaUman 17 nightclub at around 1:40 a.m. August 29, then got out of the car and began stabbing security men. He was subdued and arrested. 

Besides the attempted murder and assault charges, he is also charged with robbery, staying illegally in Israel and conspiracy to commit a crime. Another defendant, a resident of Yafo called Mahmoud Biari, is charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, not preventing a crime and destroying evidence. Sufari had told Biari beforehand of his intention to carry out a terror attack in Yafo.

On the night of August 28-9, Sufan entered a taxicab in Tel Aviv, stabbed the driver in the arm, pushed him out of the taxi and kept on driving toward the HaUman 17 nightclub with the intent of committing a terror attack against the people partying there.

When he entered Abarbanel Street he saw a Border Police checkpoint blocking his way to the club. He stepped on the gas and ran over the policemen. He then came out of the car, took out a knife and shouted "Allah hu akbar," a cry uttered by Muslims when they commit violence.
The security detail overpowered the terrorist and arrested him. Nationalist leader MK Ya'akov Katz noted that security forces should have shot him dead but did not do so because of Israel's leftist court system.