Shalom to PM: Don't Zigzag

Vice Prime Minister wishes Netanyahu success in UN, urges him to stand firm: "Arabs will respect steadfastness."

Gil Ronen ,

Vice PM Silvan Shalom
Vice PM Silvan Shalom
Yoni Kempinski

Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom convened a meeting of supporters Sunday in which he wished Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a successful journey to the United Nations, where the Palestinian Authority will ask for recognition as a state, and asked him not to "zigzag." 

"From here, we all send the Traveler's Prayer (Birkat haDerech) to Prime Minister Netanyahu, that he will stand firm for the path of the Likud and the principles we all believe in," the former Foreign Minister said.

"The Prime Minister should know that he represents each and every one of us and the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the State of Israel, which demands insistence on the maintaining the completeness of the land and the vital interests of the State of Israel."

"Only a government that is loyal to its path and determined to safeguard its values, a government that will not zigzag, is one that will receive respect and honor in the Arab world."

Some Israeli politicians who were born in Arab countries believe they are better acquainted with the Arab mentality than Ashkenazi Jews whose fathers lived in Europe. Shalom is Tunisian-born.