Third Top Govt. Official in Foreign Worker Trouble

The Attorney General’s wife is suspected of illegal treatment of foreign workers; her case follows problems for Barak, Netanyahu.

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Maayana Miskin,

Attorney General Weinstein
Attorney General Weinstein
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Attorney General Yehudah Weinstein’s wife Aviva is suspected of having illegally employed a foreign worker. The Immigration Authority is expected to file an indictment in the case in the upcoming days, following an investigation.

The case is now in the hands of state prosecutors, who are reviewing the materials. If Weinstein is convicted, she is expected to face a fine of tens of thousands of shekels.

Weinstein has claimed that she believed the foreign citizen she hired was working in Israel legally, and said he had presented her with documents. However, she was unable to tell police where the worker lived, what his phone number was, or what his full name was.

The worker has since left the country. Police have not been able to locate him.

Weinstein is the third wife of a senior Israeli official to run into trouble regarding the foreign citizens she hired to take care of household tasks. Previously, Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s wife, Nili Priel, was indicted for illegally employing a foreign worker at the Tel Aviv apartment she shares with her husband.

Yehudah Weinstein had rejected Priel’s request to pay a fine rather than facing trial, saying at the time, “The circumstances warrant an indictment.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, has been accused of mistreating a Nepalese woman who was hired to care for her elderly father. The worker claims that Sara Netanyahu failed to provide her with benefits she was entitled to, including food and vacation time, and pushed her during a recent altercation, causing her injury.

Netanyahu denies the claims, and said the woman’s accusations were an attempt at revenge after she was fired for failing to provide proper care.