UK Jihadists Burn US Flag During 9/11 Memorial

British police allow march by jihadists who burn US flag, but distance EDL supporters from US Embassy.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 9/12/2011, 8:52 AM

London flag burning, 11.9.11
London flag burning, 11.9.11

British police allowed about a hundred jihadists chanting offensive slogans to march through central London Sunday and burn a US flag during the memorial events for the 9/11 massacres ten years ago.

At the same time, a group organized by the nationalist English Defense League that gathered to lay wreaths at the U.S. Embassy in London was told to move away in order to avert a possible clash between the groups. Police used force against the EDL group.

The jihadis chanted "USA – terror state!", "Burn, burn, USA!" and "Muslims rise up!" as a US flag was burned. One of the protesters spoke into the megaphone and said: "We can tell you that you will never win the war because Islam is [unclear] in Europe and America, and we are winning the war ideologically, militarily, economically!"

Other speakers insisted that the West's war on terror is a war against Islam, and said that the Western soldiers who died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq "died for nothing."

As he was being led away from the US embassy, a leader of the EDL wreath-laying event told policemen: "You have just facilitated the complete humiliation of our whole country."