Torah Scroll from Ashes of Holocaust to IDF

Young Israel donates 200th Torah scroll to IDF Thursday. Scroll, saved from the ashes of the Holocaust, goes to IDF base near Tel Aviv.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Torah scroll for the IDF
Torah scroll for the IDF
Israel news photo: Young Israel

Young Israel’s 200th Torah scroll to be donated to the IDF,  saved from the ashes of the Holocaust in Romania, will be placed at an IDF base near Tel Aviv Thursday. 

The National Council of Young Israel and the International Young Israel Movement’s Israel region will dedicate the restored scroll at the Sirkin army base near Petach Tikvah, immediately north of Tel Aviv.

The Torah scroll is the first one in the Young Israel donation program that was saved from the Holocaust. The Chief Rabbis of Israel and of the IDF, army personnel, prominent rabbis and community leaders are expected to attend.

The Torah scroll is to be dedicated in memory of Ruby Davidman, who played a key role in launching the "Redeem a Sefer Torah Campaign," which provides Israeli soldiers with Torah scrolls to enrich their spiritual lives and motivation.

The scrolls are restored from various North American communities, and others are written exclusively for the project. Over the past 12 years, 199 Torahs scrolls have been donated.