Migron Protest Outside High Court

Twenty-four hours after the demolition of three structures in Migron, protest arrives at High Court's doorstep.

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Gil Ronen,

'Thank you, Dorit'
'Thank you, Dorit'
Binyamin Residents' Council

A bare 24 hours after security forces demolished three permanent houses at Migron in Samaria, members of the grassroots residents' councils of Binyamin and Samaria showed up outside the Supreme Court to protest.

The protesters put up large custom-made signs. One said – "A family is thrown into the street – Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the Jewish government."  

Another was written in Arabic and said "Dorit, thank you. For the building of the Arab nation." It referred to the current president of the Supreme Court, Judge Dorit Beinisch.

The protesters showed brought broken household items from the homes that were torn down and put them down on the ground outside the entrance to the court. On top of the sad heap, they placed a sign that said – "Dorit, you will be remembered forever in infamy."

Netanyahu and Beinisch bear most of the responsibility for the immoral act of demolishing the homes and evicting their residents, leaders of the grassroots councils said. "It is important to remember that the Migron affair happened because of two things," one of them explained to Arutz Sheva. "First – the prime minister forgot the education he received at home and did not live up to his promise to preserve the settlement in Judea and Samaria…"

"Second, legally speaking, the people of Migron had no chance. The court refused to discuss the proof they had and made their life difficult at every opportunity, in order to reach the sights of destruction we saw this morning."

"Dorit Beinisch continued to lead the anti-settler and anti-Zionist line," they added, "and with the sign in Arabic we wanted to express the reality in which it is clear who enjoys her rulings."